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Those of you who, like me, begin checking the mail for the new edition of a publication about two weeks before its due date, will have noticed that Whatsoever’s tenth anniversary — and final — issue hasn’t hit your mailbox yet. In recent years, the publication schedule of WM has been as haphazard as often as it’s been regular, a fact that causes your editor considerable pain and chagrin. The aforementioned pained and chagrined editor dreamed of having the very last issue sent out promptly on time and with a flourish indeed.

The bad news is, of course, that the “on time” part of that dream has failed miserably. Things — like an impending international move for some family members and a university degree for me — have gotten very much in the road. The good news is that the “flourish” part of the dream is still possible.

So your magazine will be coming to you soon, and here’s hoping it’ll be the best issue yet. There’ll be details about all the exciting happenings that have conspired to send the publication schedule so far off track, and of course you can expect all the regular features, too.

If you’d like to be a part of this final issue, it’s not too late. There are several ways you can be involed:

  • Write a letter letting us know where your life is at now. When did you first receive Whatsoever? What were you doing then and what are you doing now? How has God been great in your life in that time?
  • If you’ve never written, please write and introduce yourself. Send pictures! Tell stories! Let’s make this next issue one gigantic tea party!
  • Know a great Christian magazine we should all be reading? Share details.
  • Contribute to our special feature: What I Wish I Knew 10 Years Ago. If you’re 25 now, what do you wish the 15 year-old version of you knew? What important life lesson would you share with someone ten years your junior?
  • Finally, please pray. Pray for effective use of time and a swift editing process. Most of all, pray that God would use this final issue of Whatsoever to bring glory to Himself and encouragement to each of us, the readers and contributors.

If you’d like your submissions squeezed in, please email them to whatsoevermag@gmail.com by the 15th of July.


The happy sounds of Colin Buchanan singing Christmas songs (“The baby Jesus was born that night”) are chiming from upstairs where my little brother is decorating the tree. The air is thick with summer warmth and Christmas is everywhere — including in this beautiful advent devotional you can download and enjoy with your family and loved ones, rejoicing in the rich, true story behind the holiday we love.

We’re breaking all the rules to bring you this week’s Writing Wednesday post — on a Friday. It’s okay. We can do that. Today, an intriguing new resource for writers, and a refreshing article discussing creativity:

YouWriteOn.Com is an Arts Council of England-funded website dedicated to helping new writers develop their skills, and providing opportunities for talented writers to get noticed — and published. Sign up to share samples of your own work and critique the work of others. Each week, the highest-rated new writers receive a literary critique from industry professionals, including editors and agents. And who knows where things could head from there?

Over at Comment magazine, Andy Crouch discusses how to form a culture of creativity in his article, Skilful Culture Making. Definitely worth a read.

My family and I are back from our hustle-bustle month of holidays and I am immersed up to my elbows (figuratively, at least. Literally, I am simply glued to the computer) in the next issue of WM. It should be hitting your mailboxes just as Spring arrives (I can feel it coming!), but in the meantime, what did winter hold for you? Fresh revelations? Hopes fulfilled? The gentle but sometimes unwanted urging to wait? Consider writing about it and sharing with other readers of WM. It’s about community and encouragement. What have you got to offer?

Two tidbits to offer writers this Wednesday:

1) Now this could be interesting… Authonomy, a new community for writers, readers, and publishers. The concept of interactive writing communities online is not a new one. What’s special about Authonomy is that it’s being set up by Harper Collins Publishers. That’s some serious pulling power right there. The site’s in beta testing at the moment; it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

2) If you’re a Queenslander aged between 18 and 25, your short story could win you $2,000 in the State Library of Queensland 2008 Young Writers Award. All the info is at the official website. Give it a go! 

(Note that some previous winning entries contain crude language and/or themes. Consider showing the judges that people can write well without resorting to graphic depictions of vile concepts.)

Also: I do realise that posting frequency is never at a high speed around here. Nevertheless, things will be a little slower over the next few weeks as family holiday season kicks in. We’re looking forward to it!

-The editor

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The Issues (most issues contain all our regular columns; feature articles listed)

10.1 Jan 08 | 29 Next Year, Anticipation, The Road Less Travelled Part 1, Shining in Small Corners, Back in the Before Part 2, Wonders Without Number: Interview with Abbie Tamme, Poetry: Know Thyself.

9.4 Oct 07 | Losing Me, A Child’s Song, Believe, Broken Dreams, Precious in His Sight, Back in the Before Part 1, Small Things, That I May Know Him: Interview with Janah Upton, Fiction: Three Sisters, Poetry: Grown Up.

9.3 July 07 | Cling, Spiritual Posture, Imperfectly Called, A Year of Grace, Walk Worthy of God?, Learning, Growing, Changing: Interview with Chantel Harding, Fiction: The Mission.

9.2 Oct 06 | Going Beyond Compare, Quench Not, Stolen Hearts: The Dangers of Romantic Fiction, Never in January, Under His Wings, Her Father’s Words: a poem trilogy, Poetry: My Little Ones, Poetry: The Mother Mary.

8.4 April 06 | Perfectly Discontent?, Contentment: What It Looks Like, Tearing Roses, Contentment: One Day at a Time, Unhappy With the Girl in the Mirror, Fiction: Simeon’s Sister.

8.3 Jan 06 | Power of a Moment, Walking with Daddy, Just a Vapour, Modesty: A Closer Look, A Shining Light, Fiction: The Substance of Things Hoped For, Poetry: Tomorrow, Poetry: God the Provider, Poetry: Live while you live.

8.2 Oct 05 | Nagging Sisters, Pretty Peculiar, It’s Not About Me: It’s About Him, Comfort for the Wistful, Open Arms Open Heart, Jesus and the Children, Poetry: Prayer, Poetry: Not Your Own, Poetry: Rhoda’s Song.

8.1 Jul 05 | Rule #1: There Are No Rules, Needs vs. Wants?, My Journey Towards Humility, Big Sister Little Sister, Good Merchandise, Fiction: The Path, Poetry: Like a Rose, Poetry: Dust.

7.4 April 05 | Step back from the Snack Bar, True to the Vision, Small Mercies, Girl in Training, To Honour His God, Poetry: Journey of a Day, Poetry: She is a Daisy.

7.2/3 Jan 05 | Learning Just to Be Me… for Him, Holding His Hand, Fruit Bearing, A Woman Who Gets the Job Done, Fiction: One Galilean Afternoon.

7.1 July 04 | Down in the Valley, Polished Cornerstones, Whole Wheat and Honey, Is there ANY point in learning to cook?, Avoiding Catastrophes, True Worshippers, Fiction: Little House in the Dale.

6.4 April 04 | Lesssons from the History Books, Standing Firm Standing Tall, Through Water and Flame, Our Moments for Him, Organisation: Your Servant, From Chaos to Order, A Workable Daily Schedule, The Model Prayer, Fiction: Safe in His Arms.

6.3 Jan 04 | All Our Cares?, A Glimpse of His Sovereignty, Willing Ways, Willingness in Heart and Mind, With Her Hands, Alone with God, A Special Word for Proverbs 31 Tomboys.

6.1/2 July 04 | Onward Christian Soldier, Virtuous Womanhood, Reading the Bible, Heart to Heart: Interview with Sarah and Janna B, Write it Down, Pins and Needles: Lap Quilting.

5.4 April 03 | Praise Him: The Goodness of God in 5 Years of Publishing, Daughters of the King: Interview with the Tamme sisters, 5 Steps to Turn Your Life into an Adventure Story, Pins and Needles: Make a potpourri sachet, Fiction: Wisely and Well.

5.3 Jan 03 | When the Want to and the Ought to Don’t Match, Whatsoever Ye Read?, Grow in Grace, A Woman of Character, Pins and Needles: Psalm stitchery, Fiction: The King in Hiding.

Freelance writing — or freelance anything — sounds to some like a dream job and to others like a nightmare. But what does it actually take to get it all happening? More importantly, do you have what it takes to get it all happening? George Halitzka gives it to you straight in So You Want to be a Freelancer.