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Power of a Moment

Posted on: October 10, 2006

The jury is still out on the whole new year’s resolutions debate. Some people despise them—but that’s usually because they find themselves forever failing to fulfil them. Some people love them—and write mammoth lists of grand dreams. Still other people don’t even think about resolutions at all—they just enjoy watching life sail past them.

Resolutions have been given some bad press over the years. The very phrase brings a cynical sneer to some lips. The sneering ones say that resolutions are too idealistic and it’s not worth the attempt. The reasoning behind that statement is that people who make resolutions only fail anyway. And, you’ve got to admit, it’s usually true. But perhaps that’s because we tend to make our goals too big. We look at the big picture, the far-off goal, instead of at the moments that make up the living of every day. It’s the moments that require resolution, not the lump sum of a year. We must learn to see the possibility and the choices to be made in a moment. God doesn’t offer us years, months, or even days in which to do His work; He gives us one moment after another…

What am I gonna be when I grow up?
And how am I gonna make my mark in history?
And what are they gonna write about me when I’m gone?
These are the questions that shape the way
I think about what matters.
But I have no guarantee of my next heartbeat
And my world’s too big to make a name for myself
What if no-one wants to read about me when I’m gone?
Seems to me that right now’s the only moment that matters.

You know the number of my days
So come paint Your pictures on the canvas in my head and
Come write Your wisdom on my heart
Teach me the power of a moment,
The power of a moment.

In your kingdom where the least is greatest,
The weak are given strength and fools confound the wise.
Forever brushes up against a moment’s time,
Leaving impressions and drawing me into what really matters.
I get so distracted by my bigger schemes.
Show me the importance of the simple things
Like a word, a seed, a thorn, a nail, and a cup of cold water…

You know the number of my days.
So come paint Your pictures on the canvas in my head and
Come write Your wisdom in my heart.
And teach me the power of a moment,
The power of a moment.[1]

[Chris Rice, Short Term Memories]

A word, a seed, a thorn, a nail, a cup of cold water. A yes or a no. A step forward or a step back. A choice, each moment. And He is faithful to give us the strength to do His will—to make the choices that will bring Him glory, that will build Christ’s character into our lives, and that will share His love. If we give our moments to Him, He can do great things. Perhaps we won’t see the work He does behind the scenes; the moment is what we are shown, and that’s what we can work with.

One hot Sunday morning this January, a father in our church stood up to preach. In the course of his sermon, he shared the gentle trail of influence that led to his salvation:

“In 1848 a Mr Kimble taught a Sunday School class and led a young man, who was a Boston shoe clerk, to the Lord. His name was Dwight L. Moody. He became an evangelist in England and in 1879 was involved in an evangelistic awakening. A man named Frederick Meyer came to Christ there and went on to pastor a small church. Preaching at a school one day, he led a young man to Christ whose name was Wilbur Chapman. Chapman, engaged in YMCA work, employed a former basketball player named Billy Sunday to do evangelistic work. Sunday led a revival in Charlotte, which led to more evangelistic campaigns where Mordecai Ham began to preach. There a young man named William Graham (Billy) came to Christ. He did evangelistic work around the world, including a visit to Australia where a woman named Margaret Walker came to Christ. She had a great influence on her whole family so that the next two generations all became Christians, including a “young” man named Geoff Walker who is preaching at Eastlake today…”

The men and women whose faithfulness led to the salvation of two generations of the Walker family knew the power of a moment, and their commitment to the moments the Lord gave them means that one hundred, fifty, twenty, and ten years later, the Lord is reaping the harvest carefully tended to by these people.

Let us resolve to learn the power of a moment in 2006.

Danielle Carey
Notes: [1]The Power of a Moment © Rocketown Records 2004
from Whatsoever Magazine, Volume 8 #3


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