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It’s a little late, but at last volume nine, issue no. two is here!

In this, our Scripture-themed issue, we’re exploring the worth of God’s Word with an article, a poem trio, and quotes on the value of the Scriptures. Our feature article, Stolen Hearts by Janah U, looks at the dangers of romantic fiction. Just what are all those smooey, mushy scenes doing to your heart?

Your favourite regular columns appear in this issue, too, including editorials by Danielle and Lauren, Good Books, and The Scrapbook.

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It happened again this morning. As I had a break from tweaking with the Whatsoever Magazine blog, I grabbed a snack and pulled out some old HopeChest back issues to read.

Now if you haven’t seen HopeChest Magazine, let me tell you that it’s a pretty fine publication. Rich, inspiring, godly content. Quality writing. An aura of femininity and sweetness. Neat and classy page design. Dozens of subscribers, many of whom seem eager for interaction and fellowship through the magazine’s pages. That magazine is to Whatsoever what the proverbial big sister is to the little one: confident, assured, doing great things, always several steps ahead. And as I sat and paged through one of those big-sister-type issues, I felt that old familiar stirring of comparison.

The temptation to compare and contrast isn’t only limited to my little world of magazine editing. It can happen anywhere, anytime. I’ll see music teachers whose multitude of students are powering through exams and earning A-plus grades all the way, and I’ll wonder why my most recent examinee scraped through with a B-minus and the ad I put in the newspaper last week didn’t garner any calls. I’ll watch someone sing their heart out to Jesus, strumming at a beat-up guitar with complete and beautiful abandon, and my own self-consciousness and lack of natural talent will come rising up before my view. I’ll stand in church and watch a bride, with that beautiful bride-glow on her cheeks, give herself to her husband, and I’ll ask, “Is she more holy than me? More beautiful? More ready?”

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Do not quench the Spirit.

I quenched the Spirit. It hurt. Not only me, but God as well.

I had often, actually tons of times, read this verse here that says “Do not quench the Spirit” and similarly, I had wondered what it meant. I read it over and over not knowing what it was to quench the Spirit, but knowing it ought not to be done!

As time passed I slowly started to understand it, realising that we ought not to stop the Holy Spirit’s working. Say if a child came and asked for me to read them a story about Jesus, it would be wrong, and quenching the Spirit if I were to say “Not now, I’m busy”.

So that’s the simple conclusion I came to about this verse.
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