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Posted on: July 23, 2007

I CANNOT write you
an ordinary letter
as I normally do.
Not this time.
For that might seem like preaching
and I cannot preach.
Not just now.

when every single day
shows with growing clarity
just how much an infant I am
when it comes to knowing Christ.

That is what I am—
what I am when it
comes to understanding
that which is impossible to understand—
what I am when it
comes to searching
the unsearchable.

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AND LET US not grow weary of doing good. (Galatians 6:9)

About ten or so years ago our family learned a new phrase: Happy Backs. It was a little trainer in manners. Mum and Dad would use it (and sometimes still do) when we were slouching; it would be a cheery reminder to correct our posture.

I think that Galatians 6:9 is the same kind of reminder to me. Maybe we could call it Happy Hearts. We get tired and worn out, and we tend to ‘slouch’ in our spiritual walk, but this reminds us to keep a happy heart while doing God’s will.

There is one particular area in which I tend to slouch, and I’m sure it’s the same for many of you—the practise of daily devotions. May I encourage you with something that helped me correct my spiritual posture in this area?

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A friend recently shared a quote from C.T. Studd, a cricketer who turned missionary in the late 1800s. He wrote to tell his mother about the girl he would soon marry:

I suppose you want to know about her. Well, to tell you the truth, I can’t tell you much except about her spiritual life and her life before the world; I don’t even know her age . . . As regards her face, well, she has the beauty of the Lord her God upon her, which is worth more than all the beauty of the whole world.

Such a recommendation is truly precious.

As Volume 9 #3 goes to print, I thought I’d pass on to you a nifty new Bible reading plan I discovered.

Looking for something to freshen up my daily reading {which can sometimes become ritualistic and thoughtless if I’m not actively pursuing it with passion and creativity}, I came across a weekly plan which works through the Bible by genres rather than books. On Sunday, there’s a reading from one of the gospels. On Monday, it’s a piece of the law. On Tuesday, there’s some history. On Wednesday, a Psalm. Thursday reads through the poetry books of Scripture. Friday studies prophecy, and Saturday takes a peek at the Epistles. I’m excited!

Michael Lawrence has posted a follow-up article to his introductory look at physical attraction and how it should influence a Christian’s choice of a marriage partner. I’m Just Not Attracted to Her Part II looks at how our perception of beauty is largely a result of our culture’s influence. Christians are often called to be counter-cultural; how does this work out in relation to what we think is beautiful?

Again, although this article is written primarily for a male audience, women will find much to digest and ponder. Of particular relevance is a look at the characteristics which constitute true beauty. Check it out!