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Posted on: July 23, 2007

I CANNOT write you
an ordinary letter
as I normally do.
Not this time.
For that might seem like preaching
and I cannot preach.
Not just now.

when every single day
shows with growing clarity
just how much an infant I am
when it comes to knowing Christ.

That is what I am—
what I am when it
comes to understanding
that which is impossible to understand—
what I am when it
comes to searching
the unsearchable.

SO, JUST this once,
I won’t talk about parables
and lessons
and truths
and ‘figures of the true’
hidden in real life.
I will save those
for another time.

NO, JUST this once,
my encouragement to you
will be one word.
Just one word
but it is the word that He
is pressing on me.

IN AMONGST all of those
and truths
and ‘figures of the true’,
comes one word.

And it is this:

CLING to Him.

CLING not to rituals
or to guidelines
or to man-made ideas.

CLING not to schedules
or to-do lists
or preconceptions.

CLING not to comforts
or to vanity
or to ‘stuff’.

In spite of weariness,

In spite of doubts,

In spite of loneliness,

In spite of darkness,

EVEN IF you are
the only one holding on,

EVEN IF you can
only touch the hem of his garment,

CLING to Him.

For without faith, it is impossible to please God.

 Danielle Carey

[originally published in Volume 9 #3 of Whatsoever Magazine]


1 Response to "Cling"

Dear Danielle,

I can’t tell you how inspirational this poem was to me! Thankyou so much for honestly sharing with your readers. I am sure many out there were blessed.

From a sister in Christ

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