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Awesome books online

Posted on: August 22, 2007

John Piper’s powerful teaching has been incredibly impacting in my life. Through Piper’s humility and passion, God has taught me much about Himself and about living for His glory and renown. Many of Piper’s books are available online, for free. Which I think is completely awesome.

Check out the newly-refurbished Desiring God Online Library.


1 Response to "Awesome books online"

*squee* I’m glad you like John Piper, too. I was saved when I was six, but my understanding of salvation was very limited and skewed (I understood that I’d made a good choice to follow Christ and thought that it was primarily my “decision” [not Christ drawing me to Himself] was what saved me–for example)…it was only when I delved into Desiring God at the age of 14 (intrigued by the title) that I began to understand my salvation. (Ergo, it seems more honest to say I got saved when I was 14…but whatever.) So, obviously enough: I think it’s cool that you like JP as well…and DG is awesome for offering free books online (not to mentioned audio/visual resources, too!)

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