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My church’s current sermon mini-series is a discussion on heaven and hell, scary topics that are frequently put into dark corners and left to grow dusty for fear people will be offended if forced to look at them in the clear light of day. But is that as it should be? And if that old H-E-double-hockey-sticks place is so scary, could it be that it’s so because it’s meant to be so? Over at boundless, Gary Thomas shares why he’s a big fan of hell. It’s worth the read.


Welcome, 2008, and apologies for the unscheduled blogging break over the last weeks and maybe even months. The next issue of WM (Volume 10 #1 — ten years!) is in the pipeline at the moment, but while you wait for some fresh reading material, I encourage and urge and plead with you to read John Piper’s A Challenge to Women. As we start off a new year with a clean slate, it’s amazingly challenging to be reminded of the resolutions that really matter. John Piper’s 15 challenges to women will inspire you.