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A bit of housekeeping

Posted on: February 18, 2008

End-of-Summer cleaning, anyone?

  • If you’re a fan of LiveJournal, you can now read the WM blog at your friends page. Simply go here and add the Whatsoever Magazine blog syndicate to your friends page. Voila! So simple.
  • A new feature coming soon to the WM blog is Writing Wednesdays, a weeklyish look at being a Christian and a writer. It will include updates from WM’s sister publication, Words from the Heart, as well as amalgamating news and resources for writers scattered around the web.
  • WM editors Danielle and Lauren launched their new home industry last week with the opening of their etsy store, Love, Janie Lou. Check out the shop and the blog for happy handmade goodness.

2 Responses to "A bit of housekeeping"

Hi Danielle,

You won Stuck in the Middle but you have yet to check the post, I think!! Please email me your snail mail addy so I can get the book to you. Please respond in 3 days or I will have to draw another winner.

Thanks so much,


Me again! Received your comment but not your addy email – wanna try again, please?????!!!!!

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