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The Issues (most issues contain all our regular columns; feature articles listed)

10.1 Jan 08 | 29 Next Year, Anticipation, The Road Less Travelled Part 1, Shining in Small Corners, Back in the Before Part 2, Wonders Without Number: Interview with Abbie Tamme, Poetry: Know Thyself.

9.4 Oct 07 | Losing Me, A Child’s Song, Believe, Broken Dreams, Precious in His Sight, Back in the Before Part 1, Small Things, That I May Know Him: Interview with Janah Upton, Fiction: Three Sisters, Poetry: Grown Up.

9.3 July 07 | Cling, Spiritual Posture, Imperfectly Called, A Year of Grace, Walk Worthy of God?, Learning, Growing, Changing: Interview with Chantel Harding, Fiction: The Mission.

9.2 Oct 06 | Going Beyond Compare, Quench Not, Stolen Hearts: The Dangers of Romantic Fiction, Never in January, Under His Wings, Her Father’s Words: a poem trilogy, Poetry: My Little Ones, Poetry: The Mother Mary.

8.4 April 06 | Perfectly Discontent?, Contentment: What It Looks Like, Tearing Roses, Contentment: One Day at a Time, Unhappy With the Girl in the Mirror, Fiction: Simeon’s Sister.

8.3 Jan 06 | Power of a Moment, Walking with Daddy, Just a Vapour, Modesty: A Closer Look, A Shining Light, Fiction: The Substance of Things Hoped For, Poetry: Tomorrow, Poetry: God the Provider, Poetry: Live while you live.

8.2 Oct 05 | Nagging Sisters, Pretty Peculiar, It’s Not About Me: It’s About Him, Comfort for the Wistful, Open Arms Open Heart, Jesus and the Children, Poetry: Prayer, Poetry: Not Your Own, Poetry: Rhoda’s Song.

8.1 Jul 05 | Rule #1: There Are No Rules, Needs vs. Wants?, My Journey Towards Humility, Big Sister Little Sister, Good Merchandise, Fiction: The Path, Poetry: Like a Rose, Poetry: Dust.

7.4 April 05 | Step back from the Snack Bar, True to the Vision, Small Mercies, Girl in Training, To Honour His God, Poetry: Journey of a Day, Poetry: She is a Daisy.

7.2/3 Jan 05 | Learning Just to Be Me… for Him, Holding His Hand, Fruit Bearing, A Woman Who Gets the Job Done, Fiction: One Galilean Afternoon.

7.1 July 04 | Down in the Valley, Polished Cornerstones, Whole Wheat and Honey, Is there ANY point in learning to cook?, Avoiding Catastrophes, True Worshippers, Fiction: Little House in the Dale.

6.4 April 04 | Lesssons from the History Books, Standing Firm Standing Tall, Through Water and Flame, Our Moments for Him, Organisation: Your Servant, From Chaos to Order, A Workable Daily Schedule, The Model Prayer, Fiction: Safe in His Arms.

6.3 Jan 04 | All Our Cares?, A Glimpse of His Sovereignty, Willing Ways, Willingness in Heart and Mind, With Her Hands, Alone with God, A Special Word for Proverbs 31 Tomboys.

6.1/2 July 04 | Onward Christian Soldier, Virtuous Womanhood, Reading the Bible, Heart to Heart: Interview with Sarah and Janna B, Write it Down, Pins and Needles: Lap Quilting.

5.4 April 03 | Praise Him: The Goodness of God in 5 Years of Publishing, Daughters of the King: Interview with the Tamme sisters, 5 Steps to Turn Your Life into an Adventure Story, Pins and Needles: Make a potpourri sachet, Fiction: Wisely and Well.

5.3 Jan 03 | When the Want to and the Ought to Don’t Match, Whatsoever Ye Read?, Grow in Grace, A Woman of Character, Pins and Needles: Psalm stitchery, Fiction: The King in Hiding.


Freelance writing — or freelance anything — sounds to some like a dream job and to others like a nightmare. But what does it actually take to get it all happening? More importantly, do you have what it takes to get it all happening? George Halitzka gives it to you straight in So You Want to be a Freelancer.

We’re girls. We have hearts. And they tend to beat to a pretty romantic, dreamy, emotional rhythm. But that’s okay, because that’s just how girls are, right?

But what if our hearts steer us wrong? Could they steer us wrong?

Suzanne Hadley reminds us that the heart is deceitful above all things. There’s only one true guidepost to follow.

I love Australia, but one of my country’s major failings is that we don’t get to have a New Attitude conference every year. Boo. Nevertheless, there is a consolation prize: all the messages from NA08 are up on the New Attitude LiveBlog. The line-up includes Mark Dever, CJ Mahaney, Josh Harris, and John Piper. Woo!

Kudos to New Attitude for offering the messages online for free download, and thanks to Abigail for the heads-up.