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The Great Whatsoever Back Issue Sale!

Posted on: June 18, 2008

For one month only, get five back issues for $11 (within Australia) or $17 (all other countries). Fill out your own collection or purchase for a friend.

To order, list your preferred 5 (or 10, or 15, or whatever) issues with your name and mailing address, and email to whatsoevermag@gmail.com. Pay through PayPal; our PayPal address is whatsoevermag@gmail.com.

The Issues (most issues contain all our regular columns; feature articles listed)

10.1 Jan 08 | 29 Next Year, Anticipation, The Road Less Travelled Part 1, Shining in Small Corners, Back in the Before Part 2, Wonders Without Number: Interview with Abbie Tamme, Poetry: Know Thyself.

9.4 Oct 07 | Losing Me, A Child’s Song, Believe, Broken Dreams, Precious in His Sight, Back in the Before Part 1, Small Things, That I May Know Him: Interview with Janah Upton, Fiction: Three Sisters, Poetry: Grown Up.

9.3 July 07 | Cling, Spiritual Posture, Imperfectly Called, A Year of Grace, Walk Worthy of God?, Learning, Growing, Changing: Interview with Chantel Harding, Fiction: The Mission.

9.2 Oct 06 | Going Beyond Compare, Quench Not, Stolen Hearts: The Dangers of Romantic Fiction, Never in January, Under His Wings, Her Father’s Words: a poem trilogy, Poetry: My Little Ones, Poetry: The Mother Mary.

8.4 April 06 | Perfectly Discontent?, Contentment: What It Looks Like, Tearing Roses, Contentment: One Day at a Time, Unhappy With the Girl in the Mirror, Fiction: Simeon’s Sister.

8.3 Jan 06 | Power of a Moment, Walking with Daddy, Just a Vapour, Modesty: A Closer Look, A Shining Light, Fiction: The Substance of Things Hoped For, Poetry: Tomorrow, Poetry: God the Provider, Poetry: Live while you live.

8.2 Oct 05 | Nagging Sisters, Pretty Peculiar, It’s Not About Me: It’s About Him, Comfort for the Wistful, Open Arms Open Heart, Jesus and the Children, Poetry: Prayer, Poetry: Not Your Own, Poetry: Rhoda’s Song.

8.1 Jul 05 | Rule #1: There Are No Rules, Needs vs. Wants?, My Journey Towards Humility, Big Sister Little Sister, Good Merchandise, Fiction: The Path, Poetry: Like a Rose, Poetry: Dust.

7.4 April 05 | Step back from the Snack Bar, True to the Vision, Small Mercies, Girl in Training, To Honour His God, Poetry: Journey of a Day, Poetry: She is a Daisy.

7.2/3 Jan 05 | Learning Just to Be Me… for Him, Holding His Hand, Fruit Bearing, A Woman Who Gets the Job Done, Fiction: One Galilean Afternoon.

7.1 July 04 | Down in the Valley, Polished Cornerstones, Whole Wheat and Honey, Is there ANY point in learning to cook?, Avoiding Catastrophes, True Worshippers, Fiction: Little House in the Dale.

6.4 April 04 | Lesssons from the History Books, Standing Firm Standing Tall, Through Water and Flame, Our Moments for Him, Organisation: Your Servant, From Chaos to Order, A Workable Daily Schedule, The Model Prayer, Fiction: Safe in His Arms.

6.3 Jan 04 | All Our Cares?, A Glimpse of His Sovereignty, Willing Ways, Willingness in Heart and Mind, With Her Hands, Alone with God, A Special Word for Proverbs 31 Tomboys.

6.1/2 July 04 | Onward Christian Soldier, Virtuous Womanhood, Reading the Bible, Heart to Heart: Interview with Sarah and Janna B, Write it Down, Pins and Needles: Lap Quilting.

5.4 April 03 | Praise Him: The Goodness of God in 5 Years of Publishing, Daughters of the King: Interview with the Tamme sisters, 5 Steps to Turn Your Life into an Adventure Story, Pins and Needles: Make a potpourri sachet, Fiction: Wisely and Well.

5.3 Jan 03 | When the Want to and the Ought to Don’t Match, Whatsoever Ye Read?, Grow in Grace, A Woman of Character, Pins and Needles: Psalm stitchery, Fiction: The King in Hiding.


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