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Two tidbits to offer writers this Wednesday:

1) Now this could be interesting… Authonomy, a new community for writers, readers, and publishers. The concept of interactive writing communities online is not a new one. What’s special about Authonomy is that it’s being set up by Harper Collins Publishers. That’s some serious pulling power right there. The site’s in beta testing at the moment; it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

2) If you’re a Queenslander aged between 18 and 25, your short story could win you $2,000 in the State Library of Queensland 2008 Young Writers Award. All the info is at the official website. Give it a go! 

(Note that some previous winning entries contain crude language and/or themes. Consider showing the judges that people can write well without resorting to graphic depictions of vile concepts.)

Also: I do realise that posting frequency is never at a high speed around here. Nevertheless, things will be a little slower over the next few weeks as family holiday season kicks in. We’re looking forward to it!

-The editor