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We’re breaking all the rules to bring you this week’s Writing Wednesday post — on a Friday. It’s okay. We can do that. Today, an intriguing new resource for writers, and a refreshing article discussing creativity:

YouWriteOn.Com is an Arts Council of England-funded website dedicated to helping new writers develop their skills, and providing opportunities for talented writers to get noticed — and published. Sign up to share samples of your own work and critique the work of others. Each week, the highest-rated new writers receive a literary critique from industry professionals, including editors and agents. And who knows where things could head from there?

Over at Comment magazine, Andy Crouch discusses how to form a culture of creativity in his article, Skilful Culture Making. Definitely worth a read.


My family and I are back from our hustle-bustle month of holidays and I am immersed up to my elbows (figuratively, at least. Literally, I am simply glued to the computer) in the next issue of WM. It should be hitting your mailboxes just as Spring arrives (I can feel it coming!), but in the meantime, what did winter hold for you? Fresh revelations? Hopes fulfilled? The gentle but sometimes unwanted urging to wait? Consider writing about it and sharing with other readers of WM. It’s about community and encouragement. What have you got to offer?