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“We need to stop talking about what we’re going to do when we grow up. We are up!” -Emily Mortimer in The Kid

Remember being small and sitting around with a bunch of other small people just like you, and talking about how old you are? Did you ever try the old “I’m gonna be nine next year,” line—when you hadn’t even turned eight in the current year yet?

On the first day of 2008, Lauren and I were visiting some precious friends up the coast and we began to talk about how old we’d be “next year”. It was just like being back in primary school, only this time it was actually more threatening than cool to jump forward in age. As another twenty-seven-year-old girlfriend (be proud of your vintage, oh 1980 women!) and I did some calculations, I was thrown into an immediate crisis: I’m going to be twenty-nine next year. Repeat that after me: twenty-nine. Now take six slow, deep breaths and drink a glass of cold water.
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