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A friend recently shared a quote from C.T. Studd, a cricketer who turned missionary in the late 1800s. He wrote to tell his mother about the girl he would soon marry:

I suppose you want to know about her. Well, to tell you the truth, I can’t tell you much except about her spiritual life and her life before the world; I don’t even know her age . . . As regards her face, well, she has the beauty of the Lord her God upon her, which is worth more than all the beauty of the whole world.

Such a recommendation is truly precious.


Michael Lawrence has posted a follow-up article to his introductory look at physical attraction and how it should influence a Christian’s choice of a marriage partner. I’m Just Not Attracted to Her Part II looks at how our perception of beauty is largely a result of our culture’s influence. Christians are often called to be counter-cultural; how does this work out in relation to what we think is beautiful?

Again, although this article is written primarily for a male audience, women will find much to digest and ponder. Of particular relevance is a look at the characteristics which constitute true beauty. Check it out!

Christian women all over the planet often lament that it’s hard to understand what makes a woman truly beautiful when the world screams out its own bizarre and, for the most part, unattainable standard of beauty. It’s even harder to break through the confusion when the church itself, and Christian men who populate it, help push theories of worldly beauty along. It’s easy to wonder: Am I stupid for desiring a husband who will value true inner beauty?

This week on Boundless, Michael Lawrence addresses the belief that men can’t help what they find beautiful. It’s a natural instinct. But is it really? And should it be? I’m Just Not Attracted to Her is written to men, but women will definitely benefit and be encouraged by this God-centred take on beauty.