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This year has begun with a bang for sure. I feel God is teaching me so much already, and even though He may be speaking to me in a zillion areas of my life, I feel like I’m in the baby stages of learning. Do I have anything to share?

One thing that has suddenly come to mind (the prompting of the Holy Spirit, perhaps?) is a verse God pointed out late in January. I had been thinking about the new year a lot, wondering what it might hold for me. I really had no idea! I had thoughts of minor things I want to achieve personally, but nothing grand, nor anything about what God might have in mind. I wondered what God would teach me, what adventures I’d have, and what changes would be made. I also wondered if I would be faithful to do God’s will. I wrote to some friends while pondering all these things:

This year seems different. My heart feels kind of full of I don’t know what. Happy excitement, expectations, as well as a bit of apprehension maybe? It’s odd. But it’s exciting. I was trying to think of a word to describe how I feel about this year, and one came to mind that I really think fits what I’m feeling—and that is ripe. It’s almost like there are a lot of things building up and now they’re ripe for the picking. And I guess that’s where the apprehension comes in. If something is ripe, then it needs to be harvested. I feel like God is opening up lots of doors of opportunities and lessons (or laying out a field of ripe fruits) and I have to harvest them. I’m kind of nervous that I won’t take the opportunities God has given me. But I’m excited, too. I know that He’ll help me and give me the ability to do His will.

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