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The happy sounds of Colin Buchanan singing Christmas songs (“The baby Jesus was born that night”) are chiming from upstairs where my little brother is decorating the tree. The air is thick with summer warmth and Christmas is everywhere — including in this beautiful advent devotional you can download and enjoy with your family and loved ones, rejoicing in the rich, true story behind the holiday we love.


I love Australia, but one of my country’s major failings is that we don’t get to have a New Attitude conference every year. Boo. Nevertheless, there is a consolation prize: all the messages from NA08 are up on the New Attitude LiveBlog. The line-up includes Mark Dever, CJ Mahaney, Josh Harris, and John Piper. Woo!

Kudos to New Attitude for offering the messages online for free download, and thanks to Abigail for the heads-up.

The Resurrection is far-fetched, irrational… and beautifully true.

Poet Kevin Gosa celebrates that in his poem, would it be better?

End-of-Summer cleaning, anyone?

  • If you’re a fan of LiveJournal, you can now read the WM blog at your friends page. Simply go here and add the Whatsoever Magazine blog syndicate to your friends page. Voila! So simple.
  • A new feature coming soon to the WM blog is Writing Wednesdays, a weeklyish look at being a Christian and a writer. It will include updates from WM’s sister publication, Words from the Heart, as well as amalgamating news and resources for writers scattered around the web.
  • WM editors Danielle and Lauren launched their new home industry last week with the opening of their etsy store, Love, Janie Lou. Check out the shop and the blog for happy handmade goodness.

My church’s current sermon mini-series is a discussion on heaven and hell, scary topics that are frequently put into dark corners and left to grow dusty for fear people will be offended if forced to look at them in the clear light of day. But is that as it should be? And if that old H-E-double-hockey-sticks place is so scary, could it be that it’s so because it’s meant to be so? Over at boundless, Gary Thomas shares why he’s a big fan of hell. It’s worth the read.

Gregory Spencer has published a fascinating series on authenticity over at Boundless.

Check out Authentic Phony, Being Real is a Real Problem, and Real Presence and the Image Consciousness Fairy.