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Remember being little and feeling unjustly treated by your parents? Remember finding some comfort in the thought that, “When I’m a grown-up I’ll…”? Yeah? Me, too. When I’m a grown-up I’ll buy Coco Pops. When I’m a grown-up I won’t have to go to bed at 8 o’clock. When I’m a grown-up I won’t have to obey anybody.

Well I’ve got news for both of us. Obedience is something you¬†never really¬†get too old for. And while there certainly comes a season in life where our parents don’t need to be reminding us to wash our hands before we eat, we don’t suddenly reach the magical age of eighteen and step outside the realm of obedience. You don’t just grow out of “honour thy father and mother.”

Thabiti Anyabwile discusses the ins and outs of society’s bias in favour of independence and the seeming difficulty in reconciling that with the Scriptural principle of honouring one’s parents:

The wider culture values independence and autonomy above most other things, sometimes including respect for others. The messages are everywhere, from Burger King commercials promising you can “have it your way” to teenage-focussed sitcoms that relegate parents and authorities to either the status of clumsy, hopelessly out-of-date nitwits or phantom-like incidental characters irrelevant to the young person’s premature explorations of adult themes and situations.

…. In this kind of culture, and with so many real life experiences with our parents, how can honor God by honoring our parents even as we transition to adulthood and adulthood roles?

Anyabwile’s answers are refreshing and Bible-based. Read the rest of his article here.