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Just a little update for those who are checking their mailboxes for the latest issue of WM, wondering if they’ve been forgotten: No, you have not! The Carey family are currently moving interstate, and while the next issue of WM is just about ready to go, it can’t be completed until a new house is moved into. As soon as we’re settled, your magazine will be on its way to you. Blessings!


There’s a definite hint of pure romance in this issue of Whatsoever Magazine. Volume 9 #1 contains news and photos from the first wedding in the Carey family, a challenge to fall in love with the Saviour and avoid distractions, and a fictional allegory about two sisters waiting for the arrival of their Prince. There’s also an interview with a faithful young woman of God, and an exploration of this issue’s theme, All to God’s Glory.

These features and all our regular columns are to be found in this issue of WM. To order this issue, or to subscribe, click here.

Photo by Stephen Nebauer, ACT