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We’re breaking all the rules to bring you this week’s Writing Wednesday post — on a Friday. It’s okay. We can do that. Today, an intriguing new resource for writers, and a refreshing article discussing creativity:

YouWriteOn.Com is an Arts Council of England-funded website dedicated to helping new writers develop their skills, and providing opportunities for talented writers to get noticed — and published. Sign up to share samples of your own work and critique the work of others. Each week, the highest-rated new writers receive a literary critique from industry professionals, including editors and agents. And who knows where things could head from there?

Over at Comment magazine, Andy Crouch discusses how to form a culture of creativity in his article, Skilful Culture Making. Definitely worth a read.


Two tidbits to offer writers this Wednesday:

1) Now this could be interesting… Authonomy, a new community for writers, readers, and publishers. The concept of interactive writing communities online is not a new one. What’s special about Authonomy is that it’s being set up by Harper Collins Publishers. That’s some serious pulling power right there. The site’s in beta testing at the moment; it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

2) If you’re a Queenslander aged between 18 and 25, your short story could win you $2,000 in the State Library of Queensland 2008 Young Writers Award. All the info is at the official website. Give it a go! 

(Note that some previous winning entries contain crude language and/or themes. Consider showing the judges that people can write well without resorting to graphic depictions of vile concepts.)

Also: I do realise that posting frequency is never at a high speed around here. Nevertheless, things will be a little slower over the next few weeks as family holiday season kicks in. We’re looking forward to it!

-The editor

Freelance writing — or freelance anything — sounds to some like a dream job and to others like a nightmare. But what does it actually take to get it all happening? More importantly, do you have what it takes to get it all happening? George Halitzka gives it to you straight in So You Want to be a Freelancer.

This week I prepared a short story manuscript for submission to a national children’s magazine. I formatted my manuscript specifically as the submission requirements stated. I created a cover page following the guidelines to the letter. I did everything I could to primp that manuscript for submission. And then I realised there was yet one thing remaining: the dreaded cover letter.

If you, like me, find cover letters intimidating, John Floyd’s Cover Me – I’m Going In! will give you some good guidelines to work with.

In other writing news, the next issue of Words from the Heart is going through its final edits. You can look for it in your mailbox soon!

So we’re running a day late? The beautiful thing about making up your own rules is that you can change them. And this week’s Writing Wednesday post is coming to you on a Thursday!

Here’s a heads-up to Australian Christian writers under the age of thirty: the 2008 Young Australian Christian Writers Award [.pdf file]. Got a manuscript under 45,000 words that you polish up by the March 31st deadline? Go for it!

And from our archives at the old blog, two resources worth repeating:

End-of-Summer cleaning, anyone?

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