Whatsoever Magazine

Resources & Links

An ever-growing list.

Worthy Materials

Desiring God Resource Library Over twenty of John Piper’s God-centred works online, for free.

Bible Resources

Bible Gateway Search the Scriptures in any version and any language, or find a Bible-reading plan to take you through the Word of God systematically.


Hidden Wisdom Magazine Join with others in discovering the treasures of God’s wisdom in this beautiful quarterly publication for young people and their families.

The King’s Blooming Rose Inspiring you to live a holy and closer walk with Jesus.

Blogs of Worth

Beauty from the Heart Blogging about genuine beauty.

Desiring God The blog from Desiring God ministries.

GirlTalk A mother and her three married daughters discuss biblical womanhood and living in the light of God’s awesome grace.

Solo Femininity Encouragement for living the rich single life.

The Rebelution Alex and Brett Harris want to start a ‘rebelution’ of teens who won’t conform to the world’s culture. Awesome articles and challenges.

Singleness/Young Adulthood

Boundless Awesome articles that will get you thinking. Even if you don’t always agree.


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