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Writer’s Guidelines

Whatsoever Magazine first sprouted in July 1998, borne of a desire to link young women with others of like heart, and to encourage those young women in the pursuit of joyful, unashamed, feminine Christianity. It’s our hope that Whatsoever may provide a forum for fellowship, a link to other women striving to live lives of uncompromising holiness and purity, and a stage from which we may exhort one another to godliness and creativity in our positions as daughters and sisters, embracing and redeeming the current season of singleness as a gift from God. The name, Whatsoever Magazine, comes from Philippians 4:8, the theme for the publication.

Whatsoever Magazine is published quarterly with issues appearing in January, April, July, and October, and heads out to girls in Australia, the United Kingdom, Africa, and North America.

Readership is varied, but the majority of Whatsoever readers are unmarried young women aged between 16 and 30. Write your submissions with this readership in mind, but please be aware that younger girls and also some young men will read what you share, so let discretion be your guide.

Whatsoever thrives on reader interaction—it’s what the publication is all about—so please consider sharing. Whether you are single, married, or a grandmother, we would love to hear your hearts’ thoughts.

Each issue of Whatsoever is based on a theme, usually related to a specific Scripture. The themes provide a basis for more lengthy discussion on a specific topic. For upcoming themes, check current issues of the magazine, the Whatsoever blog, or email whatsoevermag@gmail.com for more information.

Non-Thematic Material
We also welcome submissions outside the suggested theme for each issue. Submissions should be focussed on personal experience and testimony, rather than teaching and doctrinal matters. In particular we’re looking for:
~Personal testimonies based upon your walk with God and the lessons He’s taught you
~Essays discussing elements of godly womanhood and all that it means

~Biographical articles introducing the reader to a great man or woman of the faith
~Devotional articles delving deeper into Scripture
~Real-life stories of challenges overcome in God’s strength
~Fiction with a cliché-free message
~Original poetry
~How-to articles that discuss specific homemaking techniques or skills (such as quiltmaking, bread baking, etc)
~Articles on being a Christian and an artist (or writer, or musician, etc)
~Interviews (please write for our list of questions)

Regular Departments in which we also welcome input include:
~The Scrapbook: letters, photos, news and views [no maximum word count]
~The Library: reviews of books that have inspired you to press onward and upward. Of particular interest are biographies, autobiographies, and books specifically for Christian women [max 500 words]
~Culinaria: your family’s best-loved recipes [no maximum word count]
~Little Sister’s Bookshelf: reviews of wholesome reading to share with a little sister [max 300 words]
~From the Lips of Little Children: stories of little ones to make us smile [max 200 words]
~Hosanna!: glimpses of God’s greatness in everyday life [max 500 words]
~Birth/Wedding Announcements: [max 200 words]
~The Exchange: advertisements for home-based businesses and resources [max 80 words]
~Cover photos: high-resolution original photos for the cover [be sure to obtain your subject’s permission first]

If you would like to write a regular column for Whatsoever, and have a subject the Lord has laid on your heart, please send us details of your idea, along with a sample of your writing.

Word Count: Refer to the listing above for maximum word counts for our regular columns. For theme and feature articles, a word count of between 500 and 3,000 words is preferred. For stories, a word count of between 1,000 and 5,000 words is preferred. If your article or story is longer, however, we may consider printing it over several issues.

Payment: Because Whatsoever is a non-profit ministry, we are unable to offer monetary payment for submissions. If we use your article, story, or poem, however, you will receive three copies of the issue your work appears in. We’ll also thank God for you most fervently!

Submission requirements
Submit your work via snail mail or email. For snail mail submissions, mark each page with your name and page number. Include a cover sheet listing your contact details, your date of birth, a short [100 words or less] bio to be used at the end of your article and, if possible, a recent photo of yourself.
Please send submissions for different departments on separate sheets of paper.
Please note if your work has already appeared in or been submitted to another publication or online, and provide details.
We will try to respond within three weeks of receiving your work. If you haven’t heard from us in that time, feel free to drop a line.
When reviewing books, make note of objectionable or age-appropriate content.
Submissions may be edited slightly for clarity or length. However, we will contact you before making any major edits.

Privacy Policy:
Authors whose work is published in Whatsoever are listed with first and last names, and the state they live in. Correspondents whose letters are published in Whatsoever are listed with full first name and last name initial only, and the state they live in. If you would prefer to be noted in some other way, please inform.

Email: whatsoevermag@gmail.com

To send submissions by snail mail, email for our address.

God bless you as you write for His glory and honour!

In Him, Danielle Carey [editor]


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